Void services

City Response Limited has a proven track record in the completion of void works to an exceptionally high standard of quality in the shortest times possible.

Working closely with our clients, it is our aim to turn around all our voids as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst still adhering to the high standards that we have set.

We put processes in place to continually improve our overall turnaround times. We offer to undertake a full property survey to minimise the number of times the keys change hands. We can also offer to complete some of the void works required upon notice of termination of tenancy, whilst the tenant is still in possession of the property. In some cases this only leaves the gas and electrical tests to be done and thereby greatly reducing the time a property is empty.

We work in partnership with our clients and always try to anticipate their needs and exceed expectations. We are able to offer a service of both pre and post inspections and our aim is to give all clients the same high standards of quality and service that we have set for ourselves.

This is just a brief summary of our Voids Repair Service. If you have any further questions or queries, or would like more information on the specific services we have to offer, please Contact Us.

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