Customer liaison

Here at City Response Limited we are dedicated to delivering a high-quality service to our clients’ and their customers. We recognise the importance of offering a comprehensive programme of customer liaison. We demonstrate the highest possible level of customer satisfaction and we continually strive to find new ways to achieve this by adhering to the following.

  • Elimination of any concerns and queries that the resident may have
  • Develop a rapport whereby we can work alongside residents and involve them in the process
  • The sending of a satisfaction slip on completion of works which are reviewed and acted on
  • Ensuring operatives are always courteous, conscientious and hard working
  • Post inspections of works completed by an Operational Support Manager
  • Dedicated managers who ensure all works carried out are of the highest quality and completed within timescales

Based on just some of the favourable comments and letters of satisfaction we have received, we can confidently say we deliver excellent results first time.

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